Standard clinical methods will be used (Badal optometers, minus lenses and push-up) to obtain the subjective refraction (SRx), the amplitude of accommodation (AA) and the depth of focus (DoF), in conjunction with experimental objective systems based on wavefront refraction. Objective data will be processed using different image-quality metrics and the results will be compared with subjective data, in order to find objective predictors of the SRx, AA and DoF under different situations. Experimental results will be of great interest for the eye-modelling tasks and to explain changes undergone by the aging eye with accommodation.

Supervisors: N. López-Gil & R. Iskander. Coll.: H. Radhakrishnan & N. Chateau

Early Stage Researcher 7:  Matt Jaskulski

Host Institution: University of Murcia (Spain)


Click here to watch a video presentation of the project presented by Matt Jaskulski