Depth of focus of the eye is influenced by a variety of factors, such as pupil size and ocular aberrations. This project aims to further understand the way in which depth of focus changes with the changes that occur in the crystalline lens during accommodation and with age. These changes will be then mathematically modelled.  The basis of this project will be the information gathered about Age-related changes in the optics of the human eye with accommodation and anatomical and structural changes of the crystalline lens with accommodation and age. The theoretical background provided by the projects described above and the experimental data gathered in this one will help to develop accurate mathematical depth-of-focus models and possible ways to alter depth of focus.

Supervisors: I. Murray & N. López-Gil Coll.: D. Madrid-Costa & R. Iskander

Early Stage Researcher 5:  Juan F. Zapata Díaz

Host Institution: University of Manchester (United Kingdom)


Click here to watch a video presentation of the project presented by Juan F. Zapata Díaz