Optical elements such as IOL with increased depth-of-field (DoF), optical prosthesis, and external optical aids, will be evaluated in terms of functional image quality (on- and off-axis), distortion, visual field, ghosting and glare, coupling to conventional ophthalmic corrections, and tolerance to displacements. Results of this project will be both used as evaluation tools and feasible prototyping models.  This project is related with Intraocular Scattering modelling, anatomical characterization of the eye and DoF improvements

Supervisors: T. Ferrer-Blasco & T. Van der Berg. Coll.: R. Iskander & H. Radhakrishnan

Early Stage Researcher 10:  Georgios Zoulinakis

Host Institution: University of Valencia (Spain)


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The fellow will carry out a combined analytical and numerical study of the different clinical protocols (optical- and visual-quality assessment and clinical complications) of contact and intraocular lenses available in the market and manufactured by the company. The analysis of these clinical outcomes will tell us about possible clinical complications of the surgery in intraocular lenses and the fitting process in contact lenses, which will allow us to improve the optical designs to achieve better results.

Supervisors: C. Spera & R. Montés-Micó, Coll.: D. Madrid-Costa & N. López-Gil.

Experienced Researcher 2: Cari Pérez Vives

Host Institution: Alcon (Switzerland)


Click here to watch a video presentation of the project presented by Cari Pérez Vives