Author: Irene Sisó Fuertes, University of Manchester

As part of their training and aiming to promote the cooperation between the academic and the private sectors, some of the AGEYE fellows completed a placement at Optegra Manchester. Optegra is a global private hospital group that offers ophthalmic services in the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. They are pioneers in eye health care and leaders at the forefront of the ophthalmic field with an important R&D department.

During their placement, the fellows have been able to understand the day-to-day business at a private hospital such as Optegra, visit all the hospital’s facilities, to attend to some of the surgeries that are usually performed as well as accompany some of the eye care professionals during their daily basis duties. Moreover, in collaboration with the R&D department, some of the fellows are analysing data provided by the hospital in order to write scientific articles to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

AGEYE fellows Katerina Moulakaki, Juan Zapata-Diaz, Alejandra Consejo and Irene Siso-Fuertes (right to left) with Optegra Oculo Plastic, Orbital and Adnexal surgeon Mr Dan Nolan.