Imagine Eyes markets novel ophthalmic diagnostic devices that enable examining the living eye with unprecedented detail. These products help doctors to prevent and treat diseases that threaten the health of several hundred million patients. The company is now commercializing the rtx1, Adaptive Optics Retinal Camera, which is the first and only medical system able to image the living retina at the cellular level. By transforming the eye into a magnifying lens to the body’s neural and micro-circulatory systems, the rtx1 reveals early symptoms of diseases and short-term therapeutic effects that have been invisible with other imaging techniques.  Its applications include age-related macular degeneration, diabetes and arterial hypertension. The rtx1 has obtained regulatory approvals in Europe (CE mark) and Japan (Shonin), and has been sold to major ophthalmology centers in Europe, Asia and America.

Imagine Eyes was founded in 2003 in the Paris region by photonics and ophthalmic industry specialists. Its products are based on a proprietary technology called “adaptive optics” that originated from the astrophysics domain. The company has established a strict quality management organization, certified for the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.  Imagine Eyes’ first products have conquered industrial and scientific niche markets in a highly-competitive international context. Thanks to its intensive R&D program, broad IP portfolio and rapid adoption of its cutting-edge products by key opinion leaders, the company reached a worldwide technology-leading position. It is now leveraging this position to address a medical imaging market estimated to be worth 10 billion dollars.