The University of Valencia of today is the outcome of more than five centuries of history that have led to the accumulation of knowledge and unique documentary treasures, making it one of the top Spanish universities. The University of Valencia has become one to the top five scientific centres in Spain thanks to the wide range of teaching and research activities offered in all areas of knowledge (basic sciences and engineering, health sciences, educational sciences, humanities and social sciences, economics and law) and its commitment to excellence.

The optometry research group in Valencia has many years of research experience behind them, and they are backed by their consistent results. They have analyzed the factors that contribute to age-related vision changes, and searched for therapeutic solutions that could offset the effect of presbyopia and of cataract pathology. The group has published over 200 high-impact scientific papers in the past 10 years. Approximately 75% of those papers correspond to publications belonging to the top 30% of the Journal Citation Report.  The Optometry research group is currently working on several research project funded by public invitation to tender programs as well as by research contracts that were signed with various multinational companies from the Health Care and the Biomedicine sectors. R. Montés-Micó has recently received an ERCs Starting Grant (2012-2017).