Author: Cari Pérez Vives, PhD, Medical Affairs, Alcon Management (Switzerland)

During the ESCRS congress, as Medical Affairs at Alcon Management (EMEA) I was involved in several activities, such as:

Medical & Commercial booth: medical affairs is managing the medical booth including “Meet the expert”, where over 40 surgeons met 7 experts on various topics: Biometry, General Cataract, Cataract Refractive Surgery and Refractive Surgery (fig. 1). Medical affairs also supports the marketing team by reviewing all the promotional material, publications distributed in the congress as well as developing some interactive activities, like the visual simulator touch screen for PanOptix (fig. 2).

Alcon events, such as training for Alcon employees on new products, Toric master meeting, ORA/Verion and Toric IOLs Advisory Board, Ultrasert & PanOptix launch event, INFOCUS event and different symposium about refractive and cataract refractive surgery. The role of Medical Affairs in all these events is to cooperate as team player on topic definition and medical review on scientific presentations (fig. 3 & 4).

Scientific coverage of most relevant talks about Alcon products and main competitors. These activities are summarized in a report with the main highlights and are shared with all Alcon employees involved.

Competitive intelligence: attending to competitors’ symposiums and booths to collect information about the main insights, launches, messaging and activities from the main competitors.