Author: Juan F. Zapata-Díaz, The University of Manchester.




The XIII Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), one of the biggest and most important meetings in ophthalmology and vision research, took place in Barcelona from the 5th to the 9th of September of 2015.

With an attendance of more than 8000 eye care professionals and researchers, and the presentation of a massive number of studies, the meeting was a great opportunity to communicate the state-of-the-art of the vision research.

The AGEYE consortium was present at the ESCRS 2015 with a great contribution that included more than 15 communications between talks and posters, which show the advances of the project, and more than 30 collaborations in external studies.

Some of the AGEYE consortium partners present at the meeting were: The University of Valencia, The Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute, The University of Manchester, The University of Murcia, Wroclaw University of Technology, Optegra, Alcon and Staar Surgical.

Some of the studies presented were:


- “New experimental design of phakic intraocular lens for presbyopia correction”. C. Pérez-Vives, T. Ferrer-Blasco, A. Cerviño, D. Madrid-Costa, R. Montés-Micó.

- “Myopic implatable collamer lens of -20.00 D after 5-year follow-up”. C. Pérez-Vives, C. Lisa, B. Baamonde, R. Montés-Micó, J. Alfonso.

- “Effect of daily disponsable soft contact lenses on tear film quality, assessing the higher-order aberrations after blinking”. A. Moulakaki, A. Rechioni, J. Esteve-Taboada, A. Del Águila-Carrasco, R. Montés-Micó.

- “Norm for ocular straylight of the pseudophakic eye”. G. Labuz, N. Reus, T. van den Berg.

- “A new metric for quantifying the optical quality of multifocal intraocular lenses by means of axial modulation transfer function”. E. Papadatou, A. Del Águila-Carrasco, J. Esteve-Taboada, D. Madrid-Costa, R. Montés-Micó.

- “Cataract and visual function: a prospective observational study of surgical selection”. S. Gholami, P. Aspinall, B. Dhillon, S. Klijn, N. Reus, T. van den Berg.

- “Assessment of the accommodation response over sustained near visual tasks with different electronic devices, using a Hartmann-Shack aberrometer”. A. Moulakaki, A. Rechioni, J. Esteve-Taboada, A. Del Águila-Carrasco, R. Montés-Micó.

- “Alternative method for optical design of intraocular lenses”. G. Zoulinakis, A. Moulakaki, E. Papadatou, T. Ferrer-Blasco.

- “Optical power distribution on spherical monofocal intraocular lenses”. G. Zoulinakis, E. Papadatou, A. Moulakaki, T. Ferrer-Blasco.

- “Predicting subjective depth-of-field of the accommodating eye with objective methods”. J. Zapata-Díaz, R. Iskander, N. López-Gil, J. Alfonso, H. Radhakrishnan.

- “Ocular straylight of hydrophilic and hydrophobic multifocal intraocular lenses: a literature review”. G. Labuz, N. Reus, T. van den Berg.

- “Comparison of a trifocal toric and a bifocal toric intraocular lens under simulated conditions of decentration and tilt”. E. Papadatou, G. Zoulinakis, A. Moulakaki, D. Madrid-Costa, T. Ferrer-Blasco.

- “Visual response to multifocal spherical correction”. I. Sisó-Fuertes, R. Montés-Micó, J. Alfonso, H. Radhakrishnan.