Author: Zoulinakis Georgios, University of Valencia

The International OSA Network of Students (IONS) successfully completed its last meeting in Valencia, Spain, the weekend 24-26 September 2015. The OSA is the Optical Society interested in every field that includes optics. Between these fields is applications in Vision and Optometry.

The Optometry Research Group (GiO) from the University of Valencia was there to present different studies in the field of optometry and vision. Between these studies, Georgios Zoulinakis, from the Ageing Eye (AGEYE) program presented his poster entitled “Simulation of diffractive multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) with a new designing method”.

In this study a Matlab code was created in order to design diffractive mutifocal intraocular lenses. This code uses a number of points in order to design the profile of the lens and provides control of the number of the escheletes, the step height, the diffractive region radius and the function between the steps. The code provides a text file which can be introduced in optical design programs and create a simulation of this IOL in any theoretical eye model.